'Morbius' Delayed To 2022 To Avoid A Fight With James Bond

It feels like it was only a few days ago that Sony delayed “Morbius” from its March release to October of this year. Well, that’s actually because it less than two weeks ago that it happened. Unfortunately, the film is on the move again, officially vacating 2021 and looking towards 2022. Why? It’s all James Bond’s fault.

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According to Deadline, 10 days after the film was moved from March to October, Sony has decided that “Morbius” is best suited to be released on January 21, 2022. This sudden delay came after the latest James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” decided to land directly on “Morbius” and its October 8 release date. And apparently, Sony isn’t about to test the waters with two blockbusters simultaneously releasing, so the studio decided to push its ‘Spider-Man’ spinoff to 2022. Hopefully, the last delay in what has become a ridiculous number of delays.

“Morbius” stars Jared Leto as the title character, a Marvel villian/anti-hero that is referred to as “The Living Vampire” after a medical experiment gives him all the powers and drawbacks that come along with the vampiric curse. Think of him as the superhero Dracula.

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The film was originally set for a July 2020 release. Then it was delayed to a few weeks later due to the pandemic. However, as theaters clearly didn’t recover in 2020, the film was pushed yet again to March 2021 before getting moved to October a couple of weeks ago. And now, with 2022 as the target launch date for “Morbius,” Sony is hoping that avoiding the packed fall will mean its superhero film will have plenty of time by itself in the winter.

So, yeah, after all the dominos fell, “Morbius” is now a January film that we’ll see in almost exactly a year, on January 21, 2022. But then again, don’t write that down on your calendar in pen. Who knows what the future holds for the Living Vampire?