We like to poke fun at Adam Sandler from time to time because of the films he’s been recently releasing through his partnership with Netflix. Honestly, if you’re a fan of this website, and someone who may or may not use the term “cinephile” to describe yourself, you likely don’t pay much attention to the latest comedies that Sandler and Netflix seem to release on a semi-annual basis. But hey, we can’t deny that people love the man and his films. And Netflix is ready to keep their relationship with the actor-writer-producer going for years to come.

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Netflix has announced that the company’s deal with Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison production company has been extended to cover four more films. Why would Netflix make another deal with Sandler if his films aren’t the critically-acclaimed gems that the streaming service loves so much? Well, that’s because the streaming service says that, since 2015, Sandler’s Netflix films have earned more than two billion hours watched on the platform. Yep, two billion.

“Whether you know him as Sandman, the Water Boy, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Nick Spitz or simply Adam, one thing is clear: our members can’t get enough of him,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer. “They love his stories and his humor, as we saw with ‘Murder Mystery.’ So I could not be more excited to extend our partnership with Adam and the Happy Madison team and deliver more laughs around the world.”

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In addition to the absolutely ludicrous number of hours that people have spent streaming Sandler films on Netflix, his most recent project with the streamer, “Murder Mystery,” was easily the most popular film released by the company in 2019. Netflix says that 83 million households that watched “Murder Mystery” in its first four weeks of release. (Of course, as we always say with Netflix stats, keep your grains of salt close because we don’t have any independent data to support this.)

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So, while Sandler shot back on many cinephiles’ radars with last year’s “Uncut Gems,” it appears that he’s ready to head back to the comfort of Netflix for his next several films. And who can blame him? He clearly knows how to attract an audience.