With women leading “Ghostbusters,” a lady led remake of “Ocean’s Eleven on the way, and Channing Tatum playing the merman in the “Splash” redo, has the whole world gone topsy turvy!? It may have, as far as the most pitiful, misbegotten corners of the internet are concerned. For everyone else it’s 2016, and it’s past time to shed pre-conceived notions about gender ownership over movie roles.

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Thus, MGM has cast Rebel Wilson in one of the lead roles in a remake of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” The 1988 comedy favorite (itself a remake of 1964’s “Bedtime Story“) starred Steve Martin and Michael Caine as a couple of rascally con men battling each other over the fortune of a rich heiress. This new version, penned by Jac Schaeffer, will see Wilson’s character trying to con a tech titan. How current!

No director is attached at the moment, but if you have an idea of who should co-star along with Wilson, share it in the comments section. [Variety]