Even though you can pretty much just mention the word “Disney” to a diehard “Star Wars” fan and they’ll likely lose their mind and go off on a rant about how the studio has failed the franchise. But even in terms of the entire post-2015 Disney-era of “Star Wars,” the biggest disappointment, if there is one to point out more than others, is probably ‘Solo.’ No matter if you’re a new fan or old, most can agree that ‘Solo’ was a really big missed opportunity and the biggest box office black eye for the Mouse House and its recent “Star Wars” features. So, it probably doesn’t surprise you that director Ron Howard isn’t bullish about there being a sequel anytime soon. But he does think the characters might live on.

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Speaking on the “Lights, Camera, Barstool” podcast, Howard was asked about the possibility of a ‘Solo’ sequel, which is a question that he’s been asked numerous times before. And typically, he’s very forthcoming and honest about the fact that his Han Solo spin-off film didn’t have the box office numbers to support a sequel. However, he does think that the characters introduced and the “world” that is shown in that film could be explored by Disney down the line.

“No rumblings, though, and this is not a spoiler or anything, but I think there is interest in those characters,” said Howard. “I think there’s interest in the gangster world somewhere down the line. But I can assure you there is nothing being developed right now for a movie or Disney+. But, one great thing is there has been a lot of affection shown for ‘Solo,’ and so of course that keeps boding well for them to eventually turn it around.”

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He’s not wrong about the affection shown for ‘Solo.’ Despite the disappointing box office and fan enthusiasm for the “Star Wars” franchise being pretty low right now, people did generally enjoy ‘Solo,’ if not fully embrace it. If you’re looking for a silly, action-driven “Star Wars” film, ‘Solo’ is it. But obviously, it’s not the most emotional, philosophical, or revelatory entry in the franchise either, which is a shame, as the character of Han Solo seemed perfect for exploration deeper. But I digress.

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Either way, with characters like Lando (played by Donald Glover) and Q’ira (played by Emilia Clarke) being standouts in the film, there is potential for spinoffs of the spinoff. And if he’s right about the gangster underworld aspect of the film, Q’ira is a perfect gateway to that realm, and we all know Emilia Clarke isn’t opposed to some high-profile TV work. So, while there might not be anything in development now, maybe we could see some more ‘Solo’-esque series coming down the line.