Rumor: 'Pokemon' Movie In The Works

Well, that didn’t take long. Somehow, the clock has been turned back to 1990, with many grown adult people currently losing their minds over “Pokemon Go.” The augmented reality mobile game (which might be the scariest four words ever strung together) is a massive hit, which has grabbed headlines, sometimes for not always the right reasons (gamers have become victims of crimes, and the U.S. Holocaust Museum has had to tell attendees that it might not be in good taste to play the game while learning about the horrors of WWII). In any event, it seems the “Pokemon” craze is far from over.

According to HeyUGuys, Legendary Pictures is kicking the tires on making a movie based on the property. It wouldn’t be the first. There’s already been a ton of Japanese films based on the video game, along with comics, toys, anime and more. Basically, if “Pokemon” is more of a trend that lasts until the next hot augmented reality mobile game (shudder) comes along, it could be good business. That said, Nintendo tends to be slow-going and considered when making decisions on turning their major brand properties into movies, so who knows how long this thing might take, or even if it will ever happen. But apparently, Max Landis (“Chronicle,” “American Ultra,” “Victor Frankenstein“) is being floated as the potential screenwriter, which would be, something….

So, until we know more, let’s start taking bets on the next piece of ’90s nostalgia to get revived. My money’s on Pogs and Tamagotchi.