If it’s not completely obvious by now, Sony is getting extremely aggressive about leveraging their ‘Spider-Man’ Spider-Verse (officially known as Sony Pictures’ Universe of Marvel Characters, rolls right off the tongue, I know). They don’t have as much to work with as Marvel—Sony only owns the characters within Spider-Man’s sub-universe—thus everything is Spider-centric and potentially not as diverse as you’d like with your superheroes. Recently, Sony’s made waves by announcing two films, a “Kraven” movie, directed by J.C. Chandor (“Triple Frontier”) and a (probably) “Spider-Woman” movie directed by Olivia Wilde. But Sony Television, guided by Phil Lord and Chris Miller who wrote, produced, and godfathered “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”), are also trying to get aggressive about setting up a Spider-Verse on TV. So, first up, the character that is getting the solo treatment on the small screen? Silk.

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According to Deadline, Sony is in talks with Amazon to be the streaming partner for a whole suite of Spider-Verse shows, led by “Silk.” The character of “Silk” is a relatively recent addition to the lore of Peter Parker and follows a Korean-American woman known as Cindy Moon. The character has close ties to Peter, as Cindy is a classmate of his and is bitten by the exact same radioactive spider. The young girl displays the same spider-like abilities with the added benefit of being able to spin webs from her fingertips.

The big difference between Peter and Cindy is that when the girl displays her powers, she is unable to control them and is forced into seclusion for years while she is learning her abilities. This leads to a bit of a “fish out of water” situation when she re-emerges and has been out of the public for a long time. As mentioned, “Silk” is produced by Lord & Miller, but will be written by Lauren Moon, who is probably best known for her work on “Atypical.”

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The report mentions that Sony is in talks with Amazon to be the streaming partner for this new series, as one part of a group of Spider-Verse shows that are in development. It’s unknown how Sony plans to integrate the series, if at all, but the model this is being compared to is that of what Marvel TV did with Netflix and the “Defenders” initiative. If that’s the case, perhaps we can see a whole set of heroes being introduced on TV that could potentially team up and exist together or even with their big-screen brethren? We’ll have to wait and see.

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This is just further proof that Sony is fully 100% committed to making the “Spider-Man” universe exist on its own, in a way that is comparable to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, for those fans hoping that Sony will eventually sell the film/TV rights back to Disney/Marvel Studios, each of these new projects makes that more and more unlikely.

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There’s no release date set for “Silk” and it’s unclear where the series will even have its debut, as the report claims it could show up on another channel/platform before landing at Amazon to stream. But the series seems to be the furthest along and a clear signal that Sony is expanding its Spider-Verse well beyond the adventures of “Venom” and “Morbius.”