The Cary Fukunaga-directed “It” is now a distant dream, as he moved on from the project and Warner Bros. hired Andrés Muschietti (“Mama“) to take his place. One of the biggest books in Stephen King‘s canon — both figuratively and literally (it clocks in over 1000 pages) — it has only previously been adapted for a television miniseries in the 1990s. While it might not be the definitive version, it does have its share of fans, and a lot of that is due to Tim Curry‘s creepy portrayal of Pennywise. So essentially, there is a swirl of expectation around the new version that’s coming, but it does have at least one endorsement.

Stephen King himself — through a third party, anyway — told producer Seth Grahame-Smith that he liked the movie.

I can die now. Goodbye. I'm dead. 🎈

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Well, I guess that’s something, but King also famously hated Stanley Kubrick‘s “The Shining,” which might be the greatest horror movie of them all, so grain of salt and all that. And it may well be that Warner Bros. is feeling good, with rumors flying around that the sequel to “It” starts shooting in a manner of weeks, but until there’s an official announcement, don’t get too excited.

“It” opens on September 8th.


  • #teamstephenkingontheshining. It’s a vastly overrated movie. Beautiful to look at but overrated.

    • jmbrr

      totally agree.