'The Devil's Bath' Trailer: Filmmakers Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala Return With A Creepy New Film

Some horror films rely on jump-scares and gore to make people scared. Other films, such as “The Devil’s Bath” rely on nothing but vibes. That eerie feeling that seeps into your skin and lurks for two hours as you watch madness unfold. 

As seen in the trailer for “The Devil’s Bath,” the film follows the story of a religious woman who just married her husband and move into a home of their own. However, after the arrival of her mother-in-law, things begin to go downhill.

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The film stars Anja Plaschg, David Scheid, and Maria Hofstätter. “The Devil’s Bath” is directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala. The filmmakers are probably best known for their work on features such as “The Lodge” and “Goodnight Mommy.” The film officially debuted at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival where it took home a Silver Bear award. It’s also slated to screen at this year’s Tribeca.

“The Devil’s Bath” is set to arrive in select theaters on June 21 before hitting Shudder on June 28. You can watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

In 1750 Austria, a deeply religious woman named Agnes has just married her beloved, but her mind and heart soon grow heavy as her life becomes a long list of chores and expectations. Day after day, she is increasingly trapped in a murky and lonely path leading to evil thoughts, until the possibility of committing a shocking act of violence seems like the only way out of her inner prison. Giving a voice to the invisible and unheard women of the rural past, THE DEVIL’S BATH is based on historical court records about a shocking, hitherto unexplored chapter of European history.