To Mando or not to Mando, that’s the question posed in this week’s episode of The Playlist Podcast. And to help Charles, Brian, and Mike figure out if “The Mandalorian” is actually any good after reaching the halfway point in Season 2 or if this “Star Wars” series is pure Bantha feces, they’re joined by The Playlist’s Editor-in-Chief, Rodrigo Perez (who is a closet “Star Wars” expert, but likes to keep that lowkey, so don’t tell anyone).

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In honor of “The Mandalorian” being 50% through its second season and with a Season 3 already in the works, as well as a number of potential spinoffs being developed, the guys each give their reasons for liking the show or absolutely bored with the direction it’s going in. Needless to say, this week’s episode of the podcast is incredibly nerdy, but if you’re looking for an honest discussion of a “Star Wars” topic that never ventures into name-calling, racism, misogyny, or general unpleasantness, The Playlist Podcast has you covered.

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The hosts answer the tough questions, such as “Is Pedro Pascal literally phoning his performance in?” “Are the quality supporting characters enough to carry almost every episode?” and “Will Baby Yoda finally eat something that isn’t disgusting, living, and/or potentially poisonous?” Also, Charles, Brian, Mike, and Rodrigo discuss the forthcoming “Star Wars” series and pitch their own ideas for how “The Mandalorian” should end.

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