‘The Matrix Resurrections’: Lana Wachowski Navigates A Meta Minefield To Tell A Sci-Fi Love Story [The Playlist Podcast]

What came first, the chicken or the egg? And in the case of “The Matrix Resurrections,” was the film first conceived purely as a way for Lana Wachowski to tell an epic love story, or was the meta sequel the result of boardroom discussions and urging from the studio? When you watch the film, you can’t really tell, as ‘Resurrections’ truly feels like a film at war with its own existence. But would you expect anything less from a ‘Matrix’ sequel? In this episode of The Playlist Podcast, we discuss “The Matrix Resurrections” and see if the film will be enough to satisfy skeptics and those who have a rocky history with the franchise. 

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“The Matrix Resurrections” tells the story of Thomas Anderson (played, of course, by Keanu Reeves), a man struggling with mental health issues and the pressures of his own job. And all that changes when he’s told by Morpheus that he might be part of a simulation known as The Matrix. If this sounds like the plot of the original film, then you’re not wrong. ‘Resurrections’ is one of the most meta stories to ever meta, as director Lana Wachowski works out her issues with sequels and reboots while creating her own sequel/soft reboot. 

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All that to say, there’s a lot to unpack with “The Matrix Resurrections.” So, if you want to hear the full discussion, you can listen below:

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