HeatMichael Mann may not have started out 2015 in good spirits when “Blackhat” fizzled critically and financially earlier this year (though the film does have its share of admirers), but as the year comes to a close, the director must be in higher spirits as cinephiles celebrate the 20th anniversary of his unassailable American crime classic, “Heat.” One of the many fans of the legendary 1995 film includes The Nerdwriter, who has created a new video essay extolling the film’s “perfect blend of realism and style.”

Running nearly eight minutes long, the essay delves into the minutiae of Mann’s famous aesthetic, from the lenses used by Dante Spinotti to the decision to commission a cover of a Joy Division song from Moby. It’s all fascinating stuff and will only serve to make you immediately watch the film again, which you should totally do this long holiday weekend.

Watch The Nerdwriter’s “Heat” video essay below.