The ongoing DC vs. Marvel fight is currently at a low simmer, at least until “Wonder Woman” is released in a few weeks. However, some recent comments by Diane Lane are sure to start up the chatter once again, as even Superman’s Mom has relatively modest expectations about how “Justice League” will turn out.

Dropping by “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” the actress was candid when a fan called in and asked two simple questions: could she share any “Justice League” spoilers, and will the movie be better than “The Avengers“?

“No and no,” Lane said. “Short, but honest. I hate to disappoint.”

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Damn. Andy Cohen quickly moved on, but you have to wonder what Lane’s experience was like on the upcoming superhero team-up to be pretty dismissive of the effort. No doubt, she’s probably heard from Warner Bros. PR who will want to her to change her tune in the lead-up to the release of the picture. But the studio has already seen another star, Jeremy Irons, knock their DC Films series when he declared (correctly) that “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” was “overstuffed” and “muddled.” Youch. I guess the bar that “Justice League” has to clear is simply being as good as “The Avengers.”

“Justice League” opens on November 17th. [via io9]