This summer marks a new chapter for Marvel, their first collaboration with another studio, as they pair up with Sony for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” And the film is affording director Jon Watts an opportunity to bring a different perspective to the superhero universe.

“My whole approach for this movie is that we’ve seen the penthouse level of the (Marvel) universe,” he told USA Today. “We’ve seen what it’s like to be a billionaire inventor and to be a Norse god. We’ve seen the very top of this world. But we’ve never seen what it’s like to be just a regular joe.”

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Part of that everyman appeal will come in the high-school age Peter Parker played by Tom Holland, but also in the film’s villain, Vulture, portrayed by Michael Keaton. In a cute narrative twist, he runs a salvaging company that cleans up after the antics of the Avengers, but sees his business take a hit when a company owned by Tony Stark takes over a contract. Let’s just say, it doesn’t go over well.

“Some people see themselves as victims — he sees himself a little bit like that,” Keaton explained. “He probably would have a strong argument that he never got a fair shot — a lot of, ‘Why not me? Where’s mine?’ ”

This is all sets up the showdown that will involve our young Spider-Man, and we’ll watch it unfold in cinemas on July 7th.

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