If there’s pair of mainstream directors we’re willing to follow blindly down the path of whatever they’re doing, it’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The duo turned two properties that no one took seriously — “The Lego Movie” and “21 Jump Street”  — into major franchise success stories, and terrific movies to boot. And so, in Lord and Miller we trust as they head into the “Star Wars” spinoff centered on a young Han Solo, and this latest casting news.

Variety reports that Woody Harrelson is in early talks join the spinoff playing the mentor of Alden Ehrenreich‘s smuggler. I dunno, if you ask me, Han Solo’s rebellious spirit and devil-may-care attitude is there precisely because he doesn’t have a Jedi-like guide to lead him through life. But again, in Lord and Miller we trust, and maybe they have a fun spin on the “Star Wars” trope, and it could be that the character description is broad, and there’s more to the part.

Donald Glover and Emilia Clarke are the other cast members of the movie so far, which is due in cinemas in 2018, reportedly in the now standard “Star Wars” month of December.

  • Henry

    Would Solo’s mentor eventually turning into the villain be too obvious or too inevitable?