Ever since he was declared “persona non grata” at the Cannes Film Festival, following his controversial comments during the press conference for “Melancholia,” Lars von Trier has kept a very low media profile. But when he does decide to talk to press, the  man can still give good quote, and serves up a doozy regarding his upcoming serial killer flick, “The House That Jack Built.”

Set to star Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Riley Keough, and Sofie Grabol, the story unfolds in Washington during the ’70s and ’80s, and tells the story of Jack, a serial killer, who tries to finish his “masterpiece” as he eludes capture. For von Trier, the movie represents his bleakest vision of the world yet, which he says has been proven by the man in the White House — Donald Trump.

“ ‘The House That Jack Built’ celebrates the idea that life is evil and soulless, which is sadly proven by the recent rise of the Homo trumpus – the rat king,” he told The Guardian. Oh, Lars….

“The House That Jack Built” starts filming next month, and will open in cinemas in 2018.