The expectation from everyone was that “Logan” was going to draw serious blood at the box office this weekend, and the R-rated movie didn’t disappoint.

Armed with glowing reviews and an audience eager to finally see Wolverine unbound from franchise requirements and four-quadrant appeal, the superhero movie carved up $88.3 million and added another $152.5 million abroad for a total global haul of $240.8 million. It’s the fifth-highest R-rated movie opening of all time, falling well short of the $132 million debut of “Deadpool,” which, as a whole, was a complete outlier. Perhaps the grimmer tone of “Logan” made it a harder sell than the funhouse “Deadpool,” but by any metric, it’s a huge success. In terms of X-Men movies, it did about the same as the debut of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (albeit with a more audience-restrictive rating) and just under “X2: X-Men United.” It’s a mixed blessing for Fox, because while they can bask in the glow of this weekend’s success, with Hugh Jackman hanging up the claws — for real this time! — they will have to figure out a way to continue the brand or find the biggest money truck possible to drive to the actor’s house.

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While critics tore it apart, faith-based audiences nonetheless turned out for “The Shack” to the tune of $16.1 million. It’s a good showing for the movie, which puts it roughly in “Heaven Is For Real” territory, and that film went on to quietly earn $91 million domestic. That’s unlikely to happen here, but if this legs out with its intended audience, it should net a tidy little profit when all is said and done.

YA adaptation “Before I Fall” tried to build some buzz with a Sundance premiere, but only managed to open to a meager $4.9 million. The upside is the movie was made on a shoestring $5 million budget, so no one is going to lose their shirts. But no one is going to remember this movie exists either in a week or two.

Post-Oscar-ceremony drama, A24’s Best Picture winner “Moonlight” may already be on DVD and VOD, but that didn’t hurt its performance theatrically. The Oscar winner had its highest-grossing weekend yet, earning $2.5 million, edging the film to over $25 million domestic. What we’ll presume was the runner-up Oscar Best Picture winner, “La La Land,” wasn’t hurt either. The movie grossed $2.9 million domestically this weekend and added another $11 million internationally for a global total that is just shy of $400 million. You can bet there’s plenty of singing and dancing going on at Lionsgate.

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Bucking all expectations, Blumhouse‘s horror film “Get Out” continues to impress in a genre that generally has a short box-office shelf life. After a terrific opening weekend, the Jordan Peele-directed film slipped just 22% this weekend, an astounding figure for a horror film given the average drop for the genre is around 65%. “Get Out” has earned an amazing 10-day total of $75 million and is tracking towards a $140 million domestic total. Peele should be able to easily set up another socially conscious horror at Blumhouse as “Get Out” is another big hit for the the production house partnered with Universal, who already scored an early year hit with “Split.”

1. “Logan” — $88.3 million
2. “Get Out” — $26.1 million ($76 mil.)
3. “The Shack” — $16.1 million
4. “The Lego Batman Movie” — $11.6 million ($148.6 mil.)
5. “Before I Fall” — $4.9 million
6. “John Wick: Chapter Two” — $4.7 million ($82.8 mil.)
7. “Hidden Figures” — $3.8 million ($158.7 mil.)
8. “Fifty Shades Darker” — $3.5 million ($109.9 mil.)
9. “The Great Wall” — $3.5 million ($41.3 mil.)
10. “La La Land” — $2.9 million ($145.6 mil.)