The speculation around which movies will hit the Cannes Film Festival continues to swirl, but one picture almost everyone agrees will land on the Croisette is Michel Hazanavicius‘ “Redoubtable.” The director has experienced both dizzying highs (“The Artist“) and tremendous lows (“The Search“) at the festival, but with this new project taking on the life of French cinema treasure Jean-Luc Godard, it’s almost inconceivable to think the movie might premiere elsewhere.

Louis Garrel plays the famous filmmaker in the movie that’s based on the autobiography “Un An Après” by Anne Wiazemsky, and chronicles the romance that blossomed between Jean-Luc Godard and the author/actress during the making of the 1967 film “La Chinoise.” In this new teaser, however, we see Godard unleash his true feelings about actors.

“I think that real actors are jerks. I despise them. You tell them to cry, they cry, you tell them to laugh, they laugh… Go on all fours and they do it, it’s ridiculous. They’re not free people,” Godard quips.

“I’m sure you’d tell an actor to say that actors are jerks and he’d do it!” he adds (thanks for the translation Jerome!)

No U.S. release date or distributor yet for the film, but “Redoubtable” is already looking quite interesting. Update: English subbed version added.

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