The success of “Mad Men,” and then “Breaking Bad,” helped make AMC a major destination for TV drama in a way that the basic cable network had never been before, and then they unexpectedly became the home of the biggest show on TV thanks to “The Walking Dead.” But their success outside those shows, or spin-offs like “Better Call Saul” and “Fear The Walking Dead,” has been mixed so far.

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There’ve been some good shows, like “Halt & Catch Fire” and “Rubicon,” but they’ve never been big ratings hits. “Preacher” underwhelmed after a strong start, and recent attempts like “Feed The Beast” and “The Son” have fallen somewhat-to-very flat. That said, some of the network’s better bets of late have been when they teamed up with UK broadcasters, with Channel 4 on sci-fi drama “Humans” and the BBC on much-lauded miniseries “The Night Manager,” and this summer brings another co-production from across the pond with “Loaded,” which recently debuted a trailer.

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Again co-produced with Channel 4, and created by writer Jon Brown (“Veep,” “Babylon,” “Peep Show”), the show follows four thirtysomething childhood friends who sell their Candy Crush-type videogame company for hundreds of millions of pounds, unexpectedly putting them into territory that they never thought they’d be in. It stars Jim Howick (“Yonderland”), Samuel Anderson (“Doctor Who”), Jonny Sweet (“Babylon”) and Nick Helm (“Uncle”) as the central quartet, with “West Wing” veteran Mary McCormack bringing some U.S. appeal as the woman who’s bought their company.

Will it be a sort of UK-centric answer to “Silicon Valley?” Or a UK-centric answer to “Entourage?” Or something else entirely? From the trailer, it looks promising enough — we’ll find out more when it hits screens sometime later in the year. Watch below.