After so much sturm und drang, “Ghostbusters” finally opened this weekend, and while the box office was impressive in some regards (marking the biggest debut to date Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy have had together), in other ways Sony still has a lot of work to do. The film cost upwards of $150 million (plus marketing), and Feig has gone on record saying the movie needs to do at least $500 million worldwide. And with China still a question mark (the studio has yet to submit the film to the country’s censors, who are known to ban content featuring the supernatural/ghosts), some would argue the financials aren’t in yet to really determine if a followup for all-female reboot is in the cards. But it seems Sony is already quite happy with what they’re seeing.

“The ‘Ghostbusters’ world is alive and well,” said Sony’s President of Worldwide Distribution Rory Bruer as the numbers rolled in over the weekend (via The Wrap). “There’s no doubt in my mind [a sequel] will happen.”

Well, that’s certainly confident, but let’s remember that Sony isn’t above rebooting a property again, if the first attempt didn’t work out (see “The Amazing Spider-Man” followed by their collaboration with Marvel in a few short years). The next few weeks will be interesting, to say the least.

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Meanwhile, longtime franchise steward, producer, and director Ivan Reitman weighed in on the rumored all-dude “Ghostbusters” reboot. At one time, the word on the street was that Sony was also developing this iteration, which would’ve starred Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt, and possibly been released after Feig’s picture. That plan was pretty much scrapped, though it did get a partial way down the path.

“I was never involved in that, it was never real,” Reitman told The Globe And Mail. “There was a writer hired by the studio who did 30 pages, and it wasn’t very good … The biggest misconception was that we were creating a parallel film in case the girls version didn’t work out. But the only movie we were making was Paul’s movie. It never faltered.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the studio went out and tried to cook up their own concept, but as Reitman states, he wasn’t involved, and it doesn’t sound like something he would’ve signed off on.

So, sorry folks whose childhoods are somehow ruined by something happening in the present (can movies travel through time and affect memory?), not only is Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters” with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon here to stay, but there may be even more.

  • Jeff Lotski

    Good luck spinning this as some sort of ‘success.’ All signs point to this thing losing money, possibly a ton of money. The people have spoken, the only ones who liked it are feminists who wouldn’t say a bad thing about it under pain of death.

    • Wash

      I am not a feminist and I liked it. I liked the original Ghostbusters better, but this is not quite the dumpster fire that everyone seems to be praying for.

      We live in a Post-Transformers world. No remake scares me anymore.

      • ChicagoJohn

        Cough… choke…
        Did you just say that this isn’t “tranformers” bad…??
        And that was your compliment?

        • Wash

          hahaha. It’s an admittedly low bar to clear 🙂

      • Loco

        I wanted to like it but some movies just shouldn’t be touched, i.e. Vacation. Same McCarthy/Feig humor that’s starting to get old quickly.

  • Vos_L

    Has nothing to do with “ruining” anyone’s childhood. It’s just another lame, unnecessary reboot. People are getting tired of the recycled garbage that Hollywood keeps churning out and Sony is the worst offender. I’m sure those idiots already talked about doing a Ghostbusters/Men In Black crossover, lmao. Quit calling things “franchises” just because they have any level of name recognition. Ghostbusters was a good movie from over 30 years ago which had one mediocre sequel a few years later. That’s it. That doesn’t make it a “franchise”. Most over-used word in Hollywood today. Now, Sony is certainly trying to create a “franchise” out of it but that prospect doesn’t look very good based on the so-so box office results and the lack of the China market overseas.

    • PaulUk

      But it is a franchise, it has cartoons, comic books, action figures etc etc it has a global brand. It’s a franchise.

  • SupportR

    That sucks. The film is complete trash and generation snowflake can suck my d!ck

  • DFB

    Man, I love it when a company sets fire to $150 million and then says, “Huh, that was fun. Let’s do it again!”

    • OMNI

      While saying f**k off to the fans of the original.

  • Raider of the Uncharted
  • Darren

    Is Reitman talking about the Max Landis treatment, because what I’ve read about it it sounds much more interesting than this iteration of the Ghostbusters.

  • Fishnpeas

    It didn’t ruin my childhood, it just took £100 out of my wallet and ruined my familys weekend.

    • Person

      No, you did that.

  • J Smythe

    LOL, this movie tanked. Good try putting a spin on this, it didn’t even make 50 mil opening weekend, and for a fact you never would make more than your opening weekend.

    • Wash

      LOL, this comment tanked.

    • caine marko

      Yup and it will make less than 50% each week. LOL

  • Rashers

    Lot of haters in the comments and as a dude whose first memory is watching ghostbusters in a hospital bed after a childhood operation who went on to watch the toons, own the toys, the sequel…. The hate is UNDESERVED.

  • mnpollio

    Not a feminist, I am a big fan of the original and I enjoyed the reboot quite a bit as did my family. Is it as good as the original? No, but what could be. It is, however, much better than the pleasant but thunderingly disappointing Ghostbusters II, which reunited the original cast and crew, and all the naysayers on the internet are desperately trying to ignore the existence of for some reason. Why is everyone ignoring that elephant in the room? Oh yeah, because it proved that the original cast/crew could not make magic happen again, so new blood was definitely needed. Whether you agree/disagree that the current cast was that new blood is a different issue, but let’s not act like Ghostbusters was sacrosanct or something, because no one has opened their yaps about that unfunny sequel.

    Also, let’s not pretend that any of this is about people being frustrated with reboots/remakes. If that were the case, then we would be seeing this level of lunatic animosity over every reboot that came down the pike, which we quite simply are not seeing. It seems that this one was targeted specifically for over-the-top nonsense outrage from the exact moment that it was announced four women would appear in the lead roles. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Wash

      You’re being reasonable and having your own opinion…. not sure you’re welcome in this thread.

    • peytonallen

      I think most people I’ve talked to over the years, or comments I’ve read on the net all agree Ghostbusters 2 was average at best. It wasn’t a train wreck, but obviously it wasn’t on par with the original and Murray regrets making it. So, there’s no elephant in the room. All parties involved, outside of Bill Murray have been trying to get a sequel off the ground for years, but without Bill on board it wasn’t going to happen.

      I was perfectly fine with the idea that this film would be a Feig/McCarthy creation. The humor would be different. If you brought back the original cast say…eight to ten years ago it’d be a direct comparison to arguably one of the best comedies of all time. With the Feig reboot, it was easy to go in and take it for what it was going to be. I loved “The Heat” and “Bridesmaids.”

      That said, this film for me was laughably bad.

      Outside of the opening bit about tenure, was there an honest attempt at character development? Where there more than two or three jokes that worked in the entire film?

      This was a wasted opportunity. The 46 million was a given simply due to the amount of money they poured into marketing over the last three months. It’ll probably take in a little over 100 million domestically, but a sequel would take some, no pun intended, balls.

      Every review I read raved about Kate McKinnon’s character, so I went in expecting a scene-stealing performance. I didn’t get it. Her performance consisted of winks, audible grunts, and a consistent goofy smile. She wasn’t helped by the script for sure. Don’t think she had more than a couple jokes written for her throughout the film. She had no real character development.

      She’s supposed to be the kooky scientist. Great. What about a scene where she’s developing the tools of the trade and accidently opens up a portal to another dimension, or disappears in the background and reappears in a minute and you realize she’s, somehow, traveled a minute into the future. If she’s supposed to be the weird, dangerous one…geez there’s so much more they could have done.

      At the least the original had Murray react to the crossing the streams warning. “So that’s bad? Great thanks Egon important safety tip.”

      Jones is a ghostbuster because she knows the city. Oooook.

      And the villain. Oh geez. This movie felt like a Disney Channel original. That’s about the level of thought that went into this movie.

      If you liked it, great. Film, especially comedy is highly subjective.

    • Person

      Thank you! I’ve been saying that GB2 technically ruined the firsts legacy but most are to crazy spewing hate about this current one! I enjoyed the new one. Not the best but good for a bit of entertainment. I chose to not be worried at all about the reboot because all involved (bar Sony) live and breathe comedy and were making the movie not just for money but for the love of it.

    • OMNI

      Ghostbusters II’s mediocrity has been addressed over and over. Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters didn’t need a sequel, it’s fine on it’s own. However if someone got the original cast and did something awesome then sequels could be justified, but they’re not, because they didn’t.

  • sAy_YaS

    Doesnt matter. Star Trek, another Ice Age movie and Suicide Squad will make people quickly forget about the new Ghostbusters.

    • Jeff Lotski

      Don’t forget about Bourne.

    • OMNI

      Ghost busters is now in 5th place beat by…a Ghost movie. I love the irony.

  • Aaron Fritsch

    sturm und drang? Lamb of God fan much?

  • ChicagoJohn

    “So, sorry folks whose childhoods are somehow ruined by something happening in the present…”

    Riiiiight. Do you like the idea of a “Gone With The Wind” reboot?
    Stripes reboot? Young Frankenstein?
    The problem with rebooting a classic film has nothing to do with one’s childhood.
    It has to do with the fact that they got it right the first time. The closest that you can get is a poor, half-assed imitation of something that didn’t need to be redone.
    “Oh man… I’m so glad that you’re redoing the Mona Lisa. I was wondering when someone else would paint it!”

    • Wash

      “Gone with the Wind” was based on a novel. “Young Frankenstein” was a parody of an existing property. The only original item you listed there was “Stripes”, and even that was literally pitched as “Cheech and Chong join the army” by Ivan Reitman.

      Also, the Mona Lisa? Yeah, the one that you know is painted over the original painting. Also, they’ve been regularly updating the Mona Lisa over the years and it looks different than how it was originally presented.

      So… you complain about reboots, but 2 of the 3 properties you named were adaptations. The 3rd was pitched as a similar idea that already existed. And your logic on the Mona Lisa being as she was originally is completely flawed.

      I personally can’t wait for the reboot of your comment. I hope Michael Bay produces.

      • ChicagoJohn

        Did you just try to reboot the definition of “reboot”? Why… yes you did.

        They didn’t “update” the Mona Lisa. They restored it. I can’t believe that you’re actually arguing that its the same as repainting it. Restoration is taking the grime off of it. Honest. Look it up.
        That Leonardo repainted over his first attempt is the same as a director reshooting. Its not an attempt at a reboot, despite your desperate attempts to make it so.

        Yes, Gone With The Wind was from a novel. It was not from a previous film of Gone With The Wind. Hey, remember that time when someone decided to remake Gone With The Wind? Oh. Yeah. That never happened. Again, a failed desperate attempt at making an original film a reboot.

        Young Frankenstein was a parody. Guess what? People don’t try to remake classic parodies. Go ahead. Name one?

        Your logic is that everything is a reboot. Awesome. Ly. Stupid. You want to reboot the meaning of the word “reboot” to make it mean something else in order to wrap what you call logic around it.

        “So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for every thing one has a mind to do.” – Benjamin Franklin

        • Wash

          “Fart Proudly” – Benjamin Franklin

          • ChicagoJohn

            I expected this level of maturity in your reply.
            You did not disappoint.

          • Wash

            *Tip of the hat to you as well, Sir

    • caine marko

      JJ Abrams just remade Star Wars so anything is on the table apparently… Oh that wasn’t supposed to be a remake?

    • OMNI

      Mona Lisa would be a man if it was remade today.


    Why are people biting on this like it’s real? It’s a basic marketing move to try to maintain interest in this movie and drive people into the theater, especially after an underwhelming open. In reality this thing has a mountain of production and marketing cash to make up before anyone with a shred of sanity will greenlight a sequel. Articles today from legit publications aren’t counting on that happening.

    • Bill Clay

      Exactly, it’s all studio spin. $46 million is a failure for what was supposed to be Sony’s new tentpole franchise. And with Star Trek, Ice Age, Bourne and Suicide Squad all opening soon, Ghostbusters will be forgotten by next weekend.

      • OMNI

        It’s the fact that when ID4 regurgance made the same it was correctly deemed a flop, not so in the case of Ghostbusters. Less than 50 mill is a success all of a sudden.
        What BS, how stupid does SONY think people are…

  • caine marko

    I thought Tracy Morgan was funny in the new ghostbusters, whoever came up with the idea of having him play a woman is a genius!

    • Sigurther

      Oh, that was just mean. Funny, but mean. ?

  • caine marko

    I read the IMDB description for the original 1975 version and looking at the picture here I was confused. “Two guys and their pet gorilla hunt spooks.” Now I see the gorilla, but where are the Two guys????

  • DougW

    The Sony Exec saying “there is no doubt” is not the one who greenlights movies. I wouldn’t expect any more “Ghostbusters” movies unless they can convince Seth and Jonah and the rest of the “This Is The End” gang to take it on. After the all female cast controversy they may not want to get anywhere near it.

    • OMNI

      I MIGHT watch a GB movie with Jonah and Seth and a couple of funny women along side.
      I’m my opinion Tatum, Pratt, Rogan and Hill would be a great thing but we do need Ghostbuster girls too so I say expand the team to six…

  • Art Vandelay

    If Sony wants to keep pissing away their money then that’s just fine with me. Or, you know, they could come up with original ideas instead of rebooting tired franchises over and over again.

    • OMNI

      Maybe they will go bankrupt and have to shelve Sony Pictures. Just stick to the Videogames an make the always mediocre Play Stations.

  • The_Positivist

    I don’t care if there is a sequel, I won’t be watching it either. So if SOny wants to do, let them do it, it’s their business, they can handle it however they want to.

  • JB

    People need to get over the reboot/remake thing. Theater does new productions of existing works all the time and put different spins and themes on existing works. Why are we not allowed to do the same with film? If this is what you are most upset about in the current world we live in, that is some serious privilege.

  • Drock

    I love how they are in denial that this was a dissapointment.

  • Loco

    Sony is clearly saving face. After a so so opening and saying they’re confident there will be a sequel is similar to a vote of confidence before the team fires the coach.