Rights issues can be a bit of a tangled headache when it comes to Marvel properties, with some studios owning the cinematic rights to certain characters, and even the use of the word “mutant” allowed by particular parties. So, when Sony teamed up with Marvel for this summer’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and allowed the character to be introduced in “Captain America: Civil War,” it was arguably even more a legal victory than a creative one. But don’t think that just because those rights have been bent that it’s now open season on Sony and Marvel crossing over.

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Over the past week we’ve learned that Sony is gearing up movies for Venom, along with Silver Sable and The Black Cat, but as hinted at before, it will stand apart from ‘Homecoming’ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will be playing in. Yeah, I don’t know how that works either, Sony isn’t wasting a hot minute putting their other Marvel properties for the big screen into development, and it looks like they’ll be borrowing a page from Fox.

According to Collider, “Venom” is being developed as an R-rated movie. It’s easy to see why, with “Deadpool” and “Logan” both showing that there’s a very lucrative audience out there beyond tweenagers. But as we learned last week from “Chips,” just slapping an R-rating on something and hoping to find success doesn’t work; it needs to serve the story. As Collider notes, this could change, and remember, the film still needs a director to sign up. That said, things are moving right along with a fall shoot eyed, and an October 5, 2018 release date penciled in. At the very least, “Venom” will be the start of the Spidey cinematic universe Sony wanted with “The Amazing Spider-Man.

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