This week, movie fans were taken down the remake rabbit hole, with the news that Warner Bros. was putting the wheels in motion on a redo of “The Matrix.” The story goes that the studio had been figuring out some kind of way to revive the property, and had even considered a television series, before settling on a new blockbuster franchise, and they’re going to be setting up a writers room to figure it all out. However, “The Matrix” may not be a remake after all.

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Zak Penn (“The Avengers,” “Ready Player One“), who has been hired to pen the treatment for the new film (and presumably films) hit Twitter to address concerns around the project, and revealed it might not be what people think it is.

The suggestion here is that whatever shape the new “The Matrix” movie takes, it’ll be branching off the original trilogy in some fashion. Given the current climate in Hollywood, it’s not a big shock, and it’s certainly a way to keep the Wachowskis interested and perhaps more willing to give their blessing, even if they’re not directly involved. As “Arrival” screenwriter Eric Heisserer recently said on Twitter, studios are looking for ways to expand their current brands and properties, and it sounds like “The Matrix” is taking that approach.

It’s certainly an interesting time in the business, and we’ll see if fans are more receptive to an expansion of “The Matrix” rather than a remake. Let us know what you think in the comments section.