Alex Garland Is Currently Writing A New Series About "Civil Obedience" That He Wants To Make Next

It’s been said by a number of Hollywood types that the best place for filmmakers to flex their creative muscles in recent years has been in the realm of TV. As more and more streaming services launch, it’s clear that some of the best writers, directors, producers, and actors are making the jump from the big screen to its smaller cousin. Alex Garland is one such filmmaker. And it doesn’t appear that he’ll be going back to the big screen anytime soon.

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Speaking with Deadline, while attending the recent TCA panel for FX, Garland was asked what was next for him after he finishes up work on the forthcoming sci-fi thriller series “Devs.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, the writer-director has another series in mind and since he has an exclusive deal with FX, it looks like the partnership will continue.

“The next thing I’m going to try to do is another television show with FX,” said Garland. “I’m in the process of writing it. I’ve written the first episode and am halfway through the second episode. [FX] haven’t seen anything. When I deliver it, and if they want to make it, then that’s where we’ll be.”

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He added, “It’s about civil obedience and it’s in the here and now.”

Civil obedience is a very vague topic that can cover a variety of issues. And given that Garland has previously directed “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” you have to assume that this series will continue his sci-fi legacy. Of course, that’s complete speculation, as Garland has previously worked as an author outside of the sci-fi genre, and a screenwriter of the zombie film “28 Days Later.” so, really, anything is possible.

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As mentioned, before we can even talk about the next series from Garland, the filmmaker first has to turn in the long-awaited “Devs.” That series is part of FX’s aggressive launch on Hulu, which showcases some of the network’s most-anticipated series, including Garland’s, as well as “Mrs. America,” “The Old Man,” and more, exclusively on the streaming service.

So, if you want to watch Garland’s “Devs,” you better bet that Hulu subscription soon, as the series premieres on March 5.