If you’re a film fan that grew up at the right time in the ‘90s, you might have a certain guilty-pleasure love affair with the creature feature, “Anaconda.” Starring Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and Owen Wilson, the film is far from acclaimed and, honestly, is pretty terrible, but there’s something about it that has helped it live on a cult classic with its overabundance of camp. And (thankfully?) Sony has seen that potential and now has its sights set on a new version of “Anaconda.”

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According to THR, Sony has hired writer Evan Daugherty, who has previously worked on films such as “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Tomb Raider,” to pen a script for a new take on “Anaconda.” The report claims that the studio isn’t interested in a sequel or remake of the original film, but instead, Sony is hoping to “reimagine” the film into something similar to “The Meg.” If that’s the case, then the news went from “huh?!” to “yes, please!”

For all its shortcomings, “The Meg” is a fun, action romp led by the always-charismatic Jason Statham, who is completely self-aware and knows what type of film he’s in. That sort of take on “Anaconda” could be a lot of fun…if done right. If the film falls in the wrong creative hands, this could be a disaster. Either way, it should be fun!

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For those unaware of what “Anaconda” is, the film tells the story of a documentary crew that travels to the jungle and comes across a hunter that is obsessed with tracking down this legendary reptile. As you might expect, the anaconda strikes members of the team, dispatching them in very fun(ny) ways. At the time, “Anaconda” was considered a serious action film, but in hindsight, it has taken on new life as a b-movie gem of the ‘90s.

No word on when “Anaconda” might arrive in theaters again, as there’s not even a producer or director attached. However, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.