'The Final Girl Support Group': Andy Muschietti To Direct New HBO Max Horror Series Produced By Charlize Theron

Even though he probably doesn’t realize it, it appears Andy Muschietti is following in the footsteps of James Wan, a filmmaker that started with popular horror films and then transitioned into DC superheroes. And just like Wan (who has “Malignant” coming this fall), it appears that after he gets done with his superhero film (“The Flash”), Muschietti is heading back to horror for the new series, “The Final Girl Support Group.”

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According to Deadline, HBO Max has landed the rights to Grady Hendrix’s new novel, “The Final Girl Support Group,” which is being developed into a TV series for the streaming service. And to help bring ‘Final Girl’ to TV are filmmaker Andy Muschietti and Charlize Theron. “The Final Girl Support Group,” as the title implies, is a story about women in a therapeutic support group that come together after all being survivors of mass murders involving killers that would go onto inspire the slasher films of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

As mentioned, Andy Muschietti is attached to direct the pilot episode and will also produce “The Final Girl Support Group” through his Double Dream production company. He’s joined by Charlize Theron, who is producing through Denver & Delilah Films, as well as Aperture Entertainment.

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It’s unclear when casting might be announced or when we might learn more about the folks who will also help bring the series to life. So, even though Theron is attached as a producer, it’s unclear if she might also lend her acting services, as well. We also don’t know when production might begin, as Muschietti is deep into production on his long-awaited ‘Flash’ film for Warner Bros. For those unaware, Muschietti is probably best known as the filmmaker behind “IT” and “IT: Chapter Two.”