Apple Spends Big To Land Brad Pitt Racing Drama From Director Joseph Kosinski

Apple really, really likes being in the Brad Pitt film business. After one mega-deal for a Jon Watts-directed, Brad Pitt-starring thriller last year, the tech company is starting 2022 on a similar note, writing a big check to finance, produce, and distribute the upcoming untitled racing drama starring Pitt and directed by Joseph Kosinski

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According to Deadline, Apple is said to be paying somewhere in the $130 million to $140 million range, before above-the-line compensation, to land the latest film package deal featuring Brad Pitt. The untitled film is written by Ehren Kruger, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and directed by Joseph Kosinski, and tells the story of a retired racecar driver who helps mentor a younger driver for his one last chance at racing glory. The film was first announced last month, with Apple being one of many studios (Paramount, MGM, Sony, Universal, Netflix, and Amazon were also in the running) vying to land the new racing drama.

Brad Pitt is on a roll recently, after winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Since then, he’s been making a ton of films, including an appearance in the upcoming rom-com “The Lost City,” as well as a starring role in David Leitch’s summer actioner, “Bullet Train.” Now, we have the aforementioned Jon Watts film and a new racing drama from Kosinski, the man behind the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick.” Needless to say, we’ll be getting a lot of Brad Pitt in the next couple of years. 

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A release date for the untitled racing film has yet to be announced. Clearly, Apple is excited to get work started on this asap. We’ll just have to see where it lands in Pitt’s very busy schedule.