Armie Hammer Reteams With Ben Wheatley For 'Freakshift' Starring Alicia Vikander

Is it time for an Armie Hammer-ssaince? Following his breakout turn in “The Social Network,” Armie Hammer seemed to get stuck in blockbusters that didn’t do him any favors including “Mirror Mirror,” “The Lone Ranger,” and “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” (though, the latter does have its fan). However, it seems a pivot back to smaller scale drama is serving him well. He starred opposite Amy Adams in “Nocturnal Animals,” and kicked off the year in the already Oscar buzzed “Call Me By Your Name.” This month, he blazes into cinemas with “Free Fire,” and now he’s gearing up another project with Ben Wheatley.

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Deadline reports that Hammer will join Alicia Vikander in “Freakshift.” The story will be a cop versus monsters tale, though we prefer Wheatley’s awesome one-line pitch: “It’s about women with shotguns fighting giant crabs.” Vikander takes the lead, with Hammer playing her love interest. Just tell us when this is in cinemas, and we’ll be there.

Production on “Freakshift” kicks off in August.