It’s been a week, right? We can talk about spoilers from “The Mandalorian” Season 2 premiere? Well, if you read the title of this article, then you’re probably already spoiled a bit. Sorry. But anyway…

*Spoilers for last week’s “The Mandalorian” premiere*

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As was revealed at the end of last week’s episode, Boba Fett is back! Sure, he’s not sporting his iconic armor (that’s being worn by Cobb Vanth), but the bounty hunter has escaped an apparent death in ‘Return of the Jedi’ and has returned to the land of the living. And according to Deadline, no matter what happens by the end of this season of ‘Mando,’ there might be a “Boba Fett” TV series in the works, coming way sooner than you probably thought.

Deadline is reporting that not only is there discussions for a possible “Boba Fett” TV series but that the show might actually start filming next week. Yes, as in only a matter of days from now (or possibly as late as early December). And the reason to have the new “Boba Fett” show start so quickly is because Disney is aching to get Season 3 of “The Mandalorian” up and running soon thereafter. As you might expect, the studio recognizes a good thing when it sees one, and “The Mandalorian” is a very good thing for the Disney+ streaming service. And what’s better than one series about a lone wolf bounty hunter in head-to-toe armor? TWO series.

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Of course, trying to speculate what the plot of “Boba Fett” might be is entirely too premature at this point. We still don’t know how exactly the character and his legacy will play out in this season of “The Mandalorian.” This could be a prequel series, pulling from stuff that could have been used in the multiple films that have been planned surrounding the character. Or, this could be a brand-new series focused on what’s going on with the character now.

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Regardless, many people predicted it was only a matter of time before Disney/Lucasfilm went ahead and did a “Boba Fett” show, and it appears that’s actually going to happen really soon.