Director Trey Edward Shults Wants To Make A Kanye West Biopic

At 40 years old, Kanye West‘s colorful life has enough material for more than one movie. His rise from beatmaker to one of the biggest rappers in the world is tailor-made for a rags to riches big screen biopic, and it’s only a matter of time until that happens. And when that moment arrives, an unlikely director is putting his hat in the ring to land the job of making it.

Speaking with The Independent, “It Comes At Night” director Trey Edward Shults revealed that he’d love to make a movie about Kanye West, and he’s eager to convince the rapper he’s the right person to bring it to life.

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“I have a dream of doing a Kanye West biopic,” Shults stated. “My dream is he will somehow see and like my movies and let me pick his brain apart – to make the ultimate one-of-a-kind biopic we haven’t yet seen [that will] explore this man. I think it’d be amazing.”

“I think he’s a genius musically, but his public persona – what’s going on there? Is he a crazy man? There’s so much to explore. I don’t even know how I’d do it yet or what period I’d hone in on. I just want to chill out with Kanye and make something great. That’s my dream,” he added.

Shults says that he thinks Yeezy will dig the next project he’s writing, but until then, can someone send Kanye some copies of “Krisha” and “It Comes At Night”? We’d love to see Shults step into Kanye’s world.