Not everyone gets to fulfill their childhood dream. Maybe you wanted to be a writer but ended up with an office job, or dreamed of being a paleontologist and instead ended up writing this very article. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re Daniel Craig and you couldn’t fulfill your childhood dream of playing Superman, so you had to settle for playing James Bond.

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In an interview with Saga magazine (via Metro), the actor talks about what his dream role was as a kid. “People are always saying to me, ‘You must have dreamed of playing James Bond when you were a kid.’ The answer is no. I never did.” Craig said. “I dreamed of being all sorts of other things – Superman, Spider-Man, the Invisible Man, even a good old-fashioned cowboy. But Bond so much, which seems ironic now.”

Talk about a downgrade, especially considering he’s played the iconic spy five times (including the upcoming “No Time to Die”) while the latest Superman actor played the part only three times before the franchise was quietly scrapped (at least for now).

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Of course, Craig has nothing but good things to say about playing James Bond, adding “‘I’ve been lucky enough to land one of the best roles in movies. There’s been no downside to playing Bond.” When the conversation turned to his role in “No Time to Die” the actor said he wouldn’t have felt comfortable leaving after “Spectre” in 2015 as he originally intended. “I’m really … I’m OK. I don’t think I would have been if I’d done the last film and that had been it. But this, I’m like … Let’s go. Let’s get on with it. I’m fine.”