With HBO moving full-speed ahead on “Game of Thrones” spinoffs, it’s interesting to also see what the series’ creators, David Benioff and DB Weiss are working on over at their new home, Netflix. With multiple projects already in development, it appears the duo is prepping yet another series for the streaming platform, “The Overstory.”

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According to Deadline, Benioff and Weiss are set to executive produce a new series titled “The Overstory,” based on the Richard Powers novel of the same name. The show is set to tell the story of a world that is resourceful, interconnected, inventive, and lives right next to our own. However, it’s invisible to us and can’t be accessed. That is, until a group of folks find a way to see the other world and are drawn to it. Joining Benioff and Weiss as an executive producer is also Hugh Jackman, who is apparently a big fan of the novel. Though, it is not being reported that he is seeking out a role on the series.

As mentioned, Benioff and Weiss are now situated with Netflix as their post-“Game of Thrones” home. Even though they have yet to debut a new project with the streamer, they have a number of things cooking. There’s “The Chair,” a series that is set to star Sandra Oh and is showrun by Amanda Peet. And the third project is “The Three-Body Body Problem,” which comes from producer Alexander Woo.

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Obviously, with “Game of Thrones” being their claim to fame, Netflix has high hopes for Benioff and Weiss to bring a number of huge series to the streaming platform. And it’ll be interesting to see how much their cache is worth still, considering the way ‘Thrones’ ended with fans pretty much all turning against the co-creators. That said, putting “from the creators of ‘Game of Thrones’” in front of any new series is probably enough to catch the eye of millions of potential viewers.