With self-quarantines being the status quo for many people around the world, Hollywood folks are attempting to step up and help fans during these troubled times. Go on Instagram at any point during the day, and you might find your favorite musicians doing impromptu concerts from their bedrooms, comedians doing sets from their couches, and talk show hosts conducting interviews via webcam. And for film fans, we have people like Edgar Wright providing extensive lists of films to watch while we avoid contact with other humans.

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The “Baby Driver” director recently took to the cinephile website Letterboxd to compile a list of his 100 favorite comedies. This, obviously, is a list provided as a recommendation for those people that are sick of watching terrible Netflix originals for a second and need something better to occupy their time.

Wright wrote an introduction to the list, which states, “To get you through these tough times, please enjoy a generous helping of SOME of my favourite screen comedies that I’ve enjoyed over the years. I could easily do another 100 so don’t say ‘Where’s so and so?’. Just sit back and enjoy the movies. Let us know below, which ones you raise a smile. (NB: No, I’m not so immodest to put my own on here. x)”

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Included in Wright’s list are classics featuring stars like Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, the Marx Brothers, and Laurel & Hardy. But there are also more modern favorites such as “Blazing Saddles,” “The Jerk,” “Life of Brian,” “Animal House,” and “Young Frankenstein.” And if you want something even more contemporary, there are films such as “One Cut of the Dead,” “Pop Star,” and “Mistress America.”

No matter what your comedy preference, there are probably several films that will tickle your fancy. So, trust in Edgar Wright—the man knows what he’s talking about.