Well, 2017 ended and thankfully the world didn’t implode, but Netflix is bringing you a different sort of apocalypse with “The End Of The F**king World.”

Already aired on Channel 4 and All 4 in the U.K. this fall, the streaming giant now brings the series, based on the comic run by Charles S. Forsman, to the rest of the world. Starring Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden, the story follows a teenage loner with a taste for murder, who meets his match in a girl doesn’t have much patience for anybody….except him.

“The basic premise is that there are these two teenagers who run away together, and the boy, James, is convinced he’s a psychopath, and decides he wants to kill someone at school. And he picks this girl – or he thinks he picks this girl, you could argue that she picks him – and they run away together,” writer Charlie Covell explained this fall. “His intention is to kill her, but as things progress, it looks like he might start falling in love with her. Alyssa is the girl, and her story is that she’s had a really difficult home life, and she doesn’t really fit in. She’s looking for a connection with people at school, she doesn’t really find it. And then one day she spies James in the canteen, and thinks he might be kind of a kindred spirit. She doesn’t realise the danger she’s putting herself in. So this is the story of them running away. It takes place over about five days.”

Co-starring Wunmi Mosaku and Gemma Whelan, “The End Of The F**king World” hits Netflix on January 5th.