Over the course of his short music career, Lil Peep released only one album (with his second released posthumously), but the rapper had a huge impact on the industry as he gained millions of fans and helped revolutionize his own brand of music. Sadly, his career in rap was cut short after his tragic passing from a drug overdose. And for many watching the upcoming film “Everybody’s Everything,” they probably aren’t as familiar with the music of Peep but will no doubt be moved by the tragic story of Gustav Ahr.

In honor of the upcoming film “Everybody’s Everything” arriving in theaters this week, we’re thrilled to offer our readers an exclusive clip from the film, giving a tease at the story of young Ahr, who would go on to become Lil Peep.

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In 2017, at the age of 21, Ahr was found dead due to a drug overdose. But the doc isn’t just about the man behind the music or his untimely end. Instead, the film, directed by Sebastian Jones & Ramez Silyan and executive produced by Terrence Malick, goes deep into the personal life of the rapper, detailing how Lil Peep grew up and would go on to become one of the biggest musical acts in the world in such a short amount of time. Thanks to archival footage and interviews not just with folks that worked with him in the business but also with his friends and family, “Everybody’s Everything” is a tragic portrait of someone that sadly couldn’t overcome his own personal demons.

We saw the film back at SXSW and in our review, we said, “…the doc truly creates a sense of humanity, awe, and undeniable raw talent that it makes it easy to why his music connected with so many people in such a quick amount time. But even someone who was so brilliant musically cannot be prepared for the external factors of the music industry attempting to bleed one dry. It’s truly sad, but also poignant and made with the utmost of love.”

You can watch the exclusive clip from the film, as well as the trailer, below. “Everybody’s Everything” arrives in theaters on November 15, courtesy of Gunpowder + Sky.