When “Preacher” debuted last summer, it kicked off with a blazing pilot episode, and while the pace started to lag, the performances by Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun in particular kept things engaging. But then there was that season finale, which felt like a cop-out, and for me, obliterated any interest in continuing the watch. But the second season is here and AMC is hoping they can build their audience for the series.

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Noah Taylor, Pip Torrens, Julie Ann Emery, Malcom Barrett, Ronald Guttman and Justin Prentice have joined the cast led by Dominic Cooper in the new batch of episodes that will see the main trio searching for God and trying to get some answers for his rather questionable involvement (or non-involvement) with the people on Earth.

“Preacher” returns on June 19th. Check out the new season two images below. [Collider/Deadline]preacher-season-2-image-2 preacher-season-2-image-4 preacher-season-2-image-5 preacher-season-2-image-3 preacher-season-2-image-6 preacher-season-2-image-1

  • Nope. Done. Lost interest about halfway thru season one.