The suddenly prolific Terrence Malick isn’t just busy making his own movies, but lending his producing powers to other projects that have no shame in borrowing his aesthetic. “The Better Angels,” directed by “To The Wonder,” “Knight Of Cups,” and “Weightless” editor A.J. Edwards, certainly bore the trademark look and feel of Malick feature, and so it goes with the upcoming “The Vessel” starring Martin Sheen.

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Directed by Julio Quintana, who was a consultant on the “humanity unit” on “To The Wonder,” edited by the aforementioned A.J. Edwards, and scored by Malick regular Hanan Townshend (“To The Wonder,” “The Better Angels,” “Knight Of Cups”), the movie follows a man who builds a mysterious structure in the wake of a disaster that strikes a small town. Here’s the synopsis:

Ten years after a tidal wave destroys a small-town elementary school with all the children inside, a young man builds a mysterious structure out of the school’s remains, setting the town aflame with passions long forgotten.

It sounds like a not-unsubtle riff on the Noah’s Ark tale, while the themes of faith and God are certainly right in the Malick wheelhouse. Meanwhile, the cinematography by Santiago Benet Mari (who has no previous Malick connection) certainly looks ripped right from the Steadicam page of Emmanuel Lubezki.

“The Vessel” opens on September 16th, and remember, it’s not directed by Terrence Malick. Check out the trailer, clip, and images and poster below. [The Film Stage]

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