Ben Foster And Elle Fanning Are On The Run In Trailer For 'Galveston' From Creator Of 'True Detective'

Galveston” had its premiere earlier this year at SXSW. While one would think the talent involved in the film would make this a must-see, it feels like “Galveston” came and went without much fanfare. However, as you can see in the new trailer for the film, it doesn’t matter how much press “Galveston” has received, you’re going to want to see it.

The teaser for the film doesn’t give much in the way of plot details, but you can definitely get a feel for what you can expect. “Galveston” is going to feature plenty of thrills, great acting, and stylish direction that should be plenty to entice audiences. However, if you need more of a push, then once you find out who’s responsible for the film, you’ll be buying your ticket today.

“Galveston” stars Ben Foster and Elle Fanning. Foster hasn’t really hit the mainstream as much as he should, but has carved out an incredibly solid IMDB, which includes “Hell or High Water,” “Hostiles,” and the recent “Leave No Trace.” Fanning, of course, is probably best know to The Playlist readers as the star of Nicolas Winding Refn’sThe Neon Demon.”

Behind the camera, you have Melanie Laurent, who you may recognize more for her acting, but has been doing a fair amount of directing in the last decade. “Galveston” marks her English-language debut. She directed the film based on a script from “True Detective” creator and mastermind Nic Pizzolatto, who also wrote the novel for which the film is based.

There’s no word on when we’ll get to see a proper release for “Galveston” in the States, but hopefully, it will be here soon. Because we honestly can’t wait.