If you sit down and watch a film or TV series directed by Gareth Evans, you kind of know exactly what to expect. No matter if it’s “The Raid” films, “The Apostle,” or the upcoming “Gangs of London,” you know that anything Evans touches is going to have plenty of brutality and anger. And it’s probably going to look great.

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Well, as we see in the first trailer for his upcoming limited series “Gangs of London,” Evans is back in the director’s chair and he’s about to deliver a crime epic as we’ve never seen before. The series follows the story of a crime family that runs an intricate web of gangs in London. However, that necessarily order gets thrown into chaos when the head of the family gets assassinated and the son makes it his mission to find out who killed his dad and exact his revenge. As you might expect, limbs get broken, folks get shot and stabbed, and general mayhem ensues.

As mentioned, “Gangs of London” is the brainchild of Gareth Evans, who co-created the series with Matt Flannery, and directs half of the series’ 10 episodes. The remaining episodes are directed by Corin Hardy and Xavier Gens. And it’s clear that Evans’ style that was showcased in “The Raid” and his Netflix film, “The Apostle,” is on display.

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The series stars Joe Cole, Michelle Fairley, Colm Meaney, Sope Dirisu, and Lucian Msamati. “Gangs of London” is set to premiere on Sky in the UK later this year before premiering on Cinemax in the US. You can watch the full trailer for the series below.