Originally slated to be released last fall, Warner Bros. didn’t like what they saw from the feature film directorial debut of Dean Devlin, the longtime producing partner of Roland Emmerich. In fact, the film underwent heavy reshoots, with $15 million being spent to seriously overhaul the movie, with some characters reportedly being scrapped. But the leading man stays the same, with Gerard Butler once again jumping into action.

Depending on whether or not they survive to the final cut, Abbie Cornish and Jim Sturgess are among the co-stars of this movie, which follows a man who has to fix some climate-controlling satellites in order to prevent a catastrophic weather event, who also learns of a plot to assassinate the President. Wait, what? That actually sounds so crazy, maybe it’ll be goofball fun?

We’ll find out when it opens on October 20th.

  • Brian Gordon

    Um. I think there’s a pretty big spoiler about the end of this movie in this trailer.