Go Beyond Reality With The First Trailer For A24's Mystery Sci-Fi Movie

Last month, Netflix dropped the first trailer for “The OA,” which hadn’t been on anybody’s radar, mere days ahead of its debut on the streaming service, and a sensation was born. And while I don’t think A24 (the studio behind “The Lobster,” “The Witch,” “Ex Machina” and more) will be dropping a movie by surprise this Friday in cinemas, it seems they’re also choosing to play the mystery game, as they’ve also just released a trailer for a movie (or TV show?) that, for now, they’re keeping completely under wraps, only offering the tagline: “In our future.”

For those of you who like a mystery, I can tell you that when the trailer was first uploaded to YouTube, it had the following title: “TOR TSR WITNESS.” If that means anything to you, let us know. Otherwise, this looks like heady, ambitious sci-fi stuff about death and identity, and we’re already intrigued. In our wildest dreams, maybe Shane Carruth just secretly made a new project? Whatever it is, we’re dying to know.

Watch below and let us know in the comments section