The films of Alex Ross Perry don’t have many warm and fuzzy edges. The filmmaker tends to explore the nastier side of human behaviour, as evidenced in films like “Listen Up, Philip” and “Queen Of Earth.” His latest effort, “Golden Exits,” isn’t quite as cutting as those movies, but it revolves around a cast of characters who are certainly supremely self-interested.

Starring Emily BrowningJason Schwartzman, Adam Horovitz, Mary-Louise Parker, Lily Rabe, and Chloë Sevigny, the story follows a young Australian woman who arrives in New York City to intern for an archivist and soon stirs up jealousy, passion, and more among those she meets. Basically, the guys who come into contact to her simply lose all good sense. Here’s the synopsis from Sundance where the film premiered last year:

Nick has settled into a safe existence in a small pocket of Brooklyn, where he currently toils on an archival project for his father-in-law. Soon, 20-something Naomi arrives from Australia to assist Nick for the semester. She has no acquaintances in the city beyond a loose family connection to Buddy, a music producer who lives in the same neighborhood. For the few months she spends around Nick, Buddy, and their families, Naomi’s presence upsets the unpleasant balance holding these two households together. 

“Golden Exits” opens on February 9th.