7.11.20 Update: AppleTV+ is going to release “Greyhound on July 10, here’s the new trailer.

As Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services swoop in to rescue feature films that have lost their theatrical release slot due to COVID-19, Apple TV+ has remained fairly quiet. But with the most recent news surrounding Tom Hanks’ upcoming drama, “Greyhound,” it appears that the tech company is willing to pay a hefty sum to keep up with its streaming competition.

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According to Deadline, Apple TV+ has secured the distribution rights to Hanks’ upcoming film, “Greyhound,” as the film is forgoing its planned Father’s Day theatrical release and will debut on the streaming service instead. The report claims that the deal is worth upwards of $70 million, proving that Apple is willing to pay top dollar for a big-time feature film acquisition.

While the streaming service hasn’t officially announced a release date for “Greyhound” on its platform, it’s expected that Apple TV+ will premiere the new film sooner rather than later, taking advantage of the current lockdown situation that has people staying indoors more than usual. “Greyhound” is directed by “Get Low” filmmaker Aaron Schneider, based on a script by Tom Hanks, who also stars in the WWII drama. The film follows the true story of George Krause and the destroyer that he commands, the Greyhound, during the Battle of the Atlantic.

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“Greyhound” was originally filmed in 2018 and scheduled for release in May 2019. The film was eventually delayed until May 2020 and then June 12, 2020. Of course, the global pandemic had other plans, forcing Sony to pull the film from its release calendar. However, having spent a lot of money on the war film, the studio was looking for a streaming service that would be willing to pay a large sum to bring the movie to its platform. And with Apple TV+ needing to do whatever it can to keep up with its competition, the fledgling service pounced at the opportunity.

We’ll have to wait and see if Apple TV+ will stick to the June release window for the film or if the streaming service has other plans.