Hans Zimmer Says 'Interstellar' Is The Best Work Of His Career... For Now

There are few film composers who have crossed over into the mainstream in a way where even casual filmgoers will recognize the name. Hans Zimmer is one of those people. With so many iconic film scores throughout his career, the composer has a legion of fans who will gladly debate about which work is his best? Is it “The Dark Knight?” “Dune,” maybe? Or perhaps, “The Lion King?” Well, if you want to take Zimmer’s own opinion into account, he has finally revealed his choice for his single best work. Kinda. 

In a video that has been going around, and was shared by Hans Zimmer on TikTok, the composer finally answers the question about which of his works is his favorite. No, it’s not “Dune” or “The Lion King,” both of which earned him Oscars. Instead, it’s “Interstellar.” Actually, Zimmer clarifies his answer a bit more, just to add a little fun. 

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“People always ask me what’s my favorite score and I keep avoiding answering the question. And how about I don’t avoid it this time?” teased Zimmer. “I’m going to tell you that the first, the favorite score that I’ve ever written, I think, is ‘Interstellar.’ Or, I haven’t written my favorite score yet. So, maybe that’s the better answer.”

You have to love Zimmer’s confidence that he has yet to write his best score. And considering he’s still changing his sound and bringing new techniques to his compositions (just listen to “Dune” for proof), maybe he’s right. However, if you want to know his favorite work, to date, then the answer is “Interstellar.”

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That’s not an altogether shocking revelation, though. The music from “Interstellar” is sort of the culmination of work he did around that time for director Christopher Nolan. It’s very bombastic and immersive, but there are still moments of beauty and quiet. It is a great entry point for people if they want to explore Zimmer’s work. So, in that sense, it is probably his best. 

But the real answer should be “Dune.”


I thought I’d never admit my favorite score, but it might be this one. Our new #Interstellar Suite from the @hanszimmerlive double album is available wherever you stream music! 🎶

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