Hulu Buys Rights To Joe Carnahan’s ‘Boss Level’ Starring Mel Gibson & Frank Grillo

Streaming takes another away from theaters, as the pandemic forces yet another film to skip the big screen and take a streaming paycheck. This time, it’s the long-awaited “Boss Level” action film from Joe Carnahan.

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According to Deadline, Hulu has bought the distribution rights to “Boss Level,” an action film starring Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson and directed by the aforementioned Carnahan. The film carries a reported budget of $45 million and seemed destined for a big-screen debut. However, since the pandemic has thrown everything out of the window, it appears that Carnahan is okay with a Hulu debut. The deal is said to be in the “low eight-figure” range.

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The film takes the “Groundhog Day” concept of repeating days and applies it to the action genre, as a special forces soldier is forced to relive the day of his murder, each time trying to pull together clues as to what is going on, who did it, and how Colonel Ventor (Gibson) fits into everything. Oh yeah, and he has to try to save his wife, as well.

“Boss Level” has been completed since earlier this year and was actually screened in February at a special showing. But since then, the film has lingered on the shelf, unsure of when it was going to be released. Joining Grillo and Gibson in the film are Naomi Watts, Will Sasso, Ken Jeong, Annabelle Wallis, and Michelle Yeoh. In addition to directing, Carnahan also co-wrote the film alongside Chris Borey and Eddie Borey.

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It’s unclear when Hulu will release the film exactly, but it won’t be until 2021.