'I, Object': Melanie Lynskey, Karl Urban, Thomasin McKenzie & Jemaine Clement Cast In Andrew Niccol's New Film

Just recently, it was announced that filmmaker Andrew Niccol is set to revisit his “Lord of War” film with a new sequel, aptly titled “Lords of War.” Well, before he gets going on that film and a reunion with Nicolas Cage, Niccol has another project lined up which could begin filming later this year, “I, Object.”

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According to THR, Andrew Niccol is begun putting a cast together for his next film, the live-action/animation hybrid film, “I, Object.” And the new members of the cast include Melanie Lynskey (“Yellowjackets”), Karl Urban (“The Boys”), Thomasin McKenzie (“Jojo Rabbit”), and Jemaine Clement (“Flight of the Conchords”). Keen observers will notice that New Zealand native Niccol has enlisted a group of Kiwis for his new film. The film is said to follow the story of a 10-year-old boy who is struggling after the death of his father. To help him cope, as he can’t really relate to anyone else in his life, he begins speaking to the various everyday objects, who all come to life and talk back. 

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Obviously, this film has instantly become one of our most anticipated releases in the next couple of years. Not only is Niccol an interesting filmmaker who hasn’t released a new film in more than five years, but this cast is filled with incredible talent. Lynskey is having a great couple of years thanks to her role in “Yellowjackets.” Urban is the lead in “The Boys,” which is one of the biggest TV shows around right now. Then you have McKenzie, who is one of the best up-and-coming actors working today. And Clement is still hilarious and deserves to get the spotlight whenever possible. 

A release date has yet to be announced for “I, Object.” The film is hoping to begin production in the latter part of 2023. If that’s the case, hopefully, we see the film debut sometime in late-2024.