J.J. Abrams Says Next 'Cloverfield' Entry 'Overlord' Is A "Crazy Movie"

At best, “The Cloverfield Paradox” was a half-assed ‘Cloverfield’ movie. Even producer J.J. Abrams admitted that production had begun on the movie before they had sorted out how it was going to tie-in into the franchise, and the result was a mess. Certainly, it had its campy, batshit moments, but the picture was mostly formless, and will largely be remembered for how it was released (as a surprise on Super Bowl Sunday) rather than what it was. But Abrams and co. will soon have a shot at redemption.

The upcoming “Overlord” (as it’s titled for now, though who knows if that will change) is widely expected to be next ‘Cloverfield’ movie. Starring Wyatt Russell, Pilou Asbæk, and Bokeem Woodbine, the film follows Allied soldiers who are trapped behind enemy lines on D-Day. They soon encounter a supernatural force being used by the Nazis. [INSERT CLOVERFIELD CONNECTION]. At any rate, the film, directed by Julius Avery (“Son Of A Gun“), has apparently been testing well, and it has some pretty big writers on it including Billy Ray (“Shattered Glass,” “Captain Phillips,” “The Hunger Games“) and Mark L. Smith (“The Revenant“). In fact, Abrams is already jazzed for everyone to see it.

“ ‘Overlord’… first of all, it’s something that I can’t wait for you to see ’cause the director, Julius Avery, has done an amazing job on it. But the specifics, you know, we should wait and see. But that’s really a crazy movie,” he told Digital Spy.

Don’t expect Abrams to say much more about the movie before it opens on October 26th.