John Hawkes Wanted For 'The Walking Dead'; Kevin Bacon Faces A Serial Killer For Kevin Williamson & More

nullWe'll try to dance around spoilers but the finale of the second season of "Boardwalk Empire" was shocking not only in terms of storyline but also with the fact they tore out the heart of the show, or at least what/who we thought was being developed as such. We're fascinated to see where the show goes from here, but at the very least, it looks like they'll be gaining one great character actor.

Bobby Cannavale has been added to the cast of the HBO show and will excitingly play Gyp Rosetti, a charming but ruthless gangster who challenges Steve Buscemi's Nucky Thompson. Cannavale most recently featured in Tom McCarthy's "Win Win" where he played the scene-stealing sidekick to Paul Giamatti's lead. Of course, we can't wait for the next season and it seems as if we ain't seen nothing yet. [Zap2It]

AMC's "The Walking Dead" ran into some trouble this year when its budget was significantly reduced and showrunner Frank Darabont left but the producers aren't lacking in ambition, now reportedly aiming to recruit John Hawkes for the role of the Governor, a tyrant of a survivor town the lead characters stumble across. Tom Savini said he has been campaigning for himself to be cast due to some physical resemblance with the comic character, but upon doing so, revealed that the writers "were going after a name for that part. I said, 'Who?' He said John Hawkes." The character of the Governor is one Darabont was most excited to bring on screen so it's a shame he won't be around. But Hawkes certainly isn't a bad way to go. [via ONTD]

"Haywire" star Michael Angarano has landed the lead role in the upcoming CBS single camera comedy pilot from Nicholas Stoller ("The Muppets," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"). Loosely based on his own life, the story will center on Jake, a commitment phobic ad agency exec who, after breaking up with his girlfriend, realizes he has to continue working with her one cubicle away. Stoller is writing and will direct. [Deadline]

Lastly, Kevin Bacon will lead the upcoming pilot from "Dawson's Creek" creator Kevin Williamson. The Fox drama is described as an "an edge-of-the-seat thriller about a diabolical serial killer who uses technology to create a cult of serial killers, and the ex-FBI agent who finds himself in the middle of it." Bacon will play said ex-FBI agent but will still have the freedom to pursue films projects as the show will only run for 15 episodes per season if picked up. [TheWrap]