The joke surrounding “The New Mutants” is that the film will never be released. After years of delays, even with a firm August 28 date, it still doesn’t seem like director Josh Boone’s new film will ever hit theaters. But if Boone had his way during the development of the film, there might have been a lot more to talk about regarding “The New Mutants,” including the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen would have starred.

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That’s right, according to an interview with Nerdist, Boone revealed that he spoke with Sacha Baron Cohen about starring in “The New Mutants” as the character of Warlock. For those not familiar with the comics, “The New Mutants” tells the story of a young group of heroes that are like the young X-Men. And one of the most memorable characters to ever star in the comic is the robotic-looking organism that is actually an alien that joins the team. If Boone had his way, he would have included Warlock in the upcoming film and would have used Baron Cohen and some serious mocap tech to bring him to life.

The interview revealed that Fox told Boone that he would have to make a choice between Warlock and Demon Bear, as having both would have been cost-prohibitive. Obviously, as we know now, the filmmaker chose Demon Bear and kept Warlock in his back pocket for possible use in the sequel. Sadly, with the fact that Fox was sold to Disney and the Mouse House seemingly wanting to reboot the entirety of the X-Men universe, it’s unlikely that a ‘New Mutants’ sequel will get made. And with that, our hopes of having Sacha Baron Cohen join a superhero universe have been dashed.

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That being said, “The New Mutants” does have a pretty great cast even without the acclaimed comedic actor. The lineup includes Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga. And as mentioned, the film is set to arrive in theaters on August 28. Probably.