Remember how excited everyone was when “Bill & Ted Face the Music” was announced recently? We were going to see the reunion of two characters that were major film icons in the ‘80s, with the original actors, and the creative minds behind the scenes returning, as well. It was a day to celebrate if you were a fan of silly ‘80s comedies. Well, according to star Keanu Reeves, maybe we celebrated a little prematurely.

In an interview with Yahoo, Reeves was quick to point out that there’s nothing set in stone just yet for “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” despite the official press release seemingly confirming it was going to happen.

“I don’t know if it’s a reality,” Reeves says. “We’ve been trying for a long time to get that film made, and it still has its challenges.”

“I really love the characters, and I think we have a good story to tell. Part of it is show business stuff — financing, rights, deals. Nothing creatively,” he continues.

So, it appears that some behind-the-scenes studio issues might come between fans and the third ‘Bill & Ted’ adventure. Even though we’re waiting for the Wyld Stallyns to reunite and write the music that will save the universe, we might be waiting a bit longer. And we might not actually see it, at all.

However, if he does get the chance to play the character of Ted again, Reeves is looking forward to coming back to a role that he hasn’t touched in 30 years. “It’ll be interesting to see what that’s like,” he said. “There’d be a lot about him that would be the same, I’m sure; his kind of optimistic naïveté in the face of the darkness will still be there. He has a child now, so I’m sure he’s matured.”

Fans of ‘Bill & Ted’ need to temper their excitement just a little for now. But let’s hold out hope that we do get to see ‘Face the Music’ sooner than later.