‘Lady Bird’ Becomes All-Time, Best-Reviewed Movie On Rotten Tomatoes

All year long, studios have been griping about low Rotten Tomatoes scores ruining the box office prospects of their tentpole movies. Of course, the solution is to make better movies, but executives don’t really want to hear that. Well, here’s the flipside of the Rotten-Tomatoes-is-ruining-everything narrative: a little indie film that is getting a huge boost from the review aggregator.

Greta Gerwig‘s “Lady Bird” has now become the all-time, best-reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes. With 164 “Fresh” reviews and a perfect 100% Tomatometer score, the movie bests the previous record holder, “Toy Story 2,” which had 163 “Fresh” review.

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Distributor A24 will no doubt be thrilled by the news, as they will likely see a bigger spotlight shined on the picture as word gets around. But it’s also heartening to see a movie with no explosions or brand associations become universally adored, not just by critics, but audiences too. Until “Call Me By Your Name” opened this weekend, “Lady Bird” had the biggest arthouse debut of the year.

The film is connecting with everyone, across the board, and if you want Hollywood to take more chances on original voices who are telling great stories, then go buy a ticket.