In-between playing Bernie Sanders on “Saturday Night Live,” Larry David was still working on his irreverent comedy, “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Two years after the ninth season ended, HBO has finally revealed the first teaser for season 10.

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For the uninitiated, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is an improvised comedy with plots outlined by Larry David, with largely-improvised dialogues, which follows an over-the-top version of David in a tongue-in-cheek depiction of his life. Throughout nine seasons, we’ve seen David navigate life’s constant parade of annoyances, minor etiquette breaches and conflicts with strangers.

Last season, Larry drew the ire of the Supreme Leader of Iran after lampooning the Ayatollahs while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in promoting a comedy musical he’s making about the Ayatollahs (which he made with a little help from Lin-Manuel Miranda). After eliciting promising feedback from prospective investors, a series of medical mishaps undermine the musical.

Speaking with The Daily Beast’s podcast, The Last Laugh, series co-star and executive producer Jeff Garlin said “It’s my favorite season. I know there are other seasons that people will like as much, if not more, but for me, the premise of [this] season is my favorite one we’ve ever done.”

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The trailer doesn’t offer a lot of information, it is simply a tongue-in-cheek nod at the long wait fans have to go through for every new season of the show. However, it is at least a confirmation that the show is coming, and soon. The first episode, titled “Happy New Year,” is set to premiere January, 2020.

You can watch the teaser below: